SAE connected and automated vehicle conference

January 16-17, 2019. Israel


The presentations available for download were authorized by individual authors.

Plenary Sessions


1. Value Chain, Joe Barkai, Chairman Vehicle IoT, SAE

2. Keynote Address: Preparing for the Coming 5G Tsunami Roger Lanctot, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

3. Keynote Address: Traffic Management and Control in a Connected and Automated Vehicle Environment, Nathan Gartner.

4. Keynote Address: Advancing Civilization Through Technology Lewis Horne, Founder & CEO, Uniti

5. Keynote Address: AI in the Driver’s Seat, Rammy Bahalul, Director, Industry Business Development, NVIDIA



Day 1 Track 1


4. MaaS (Mobility as a Service) - Israel Roadmap, Chanan Gabay

5. Sensible Vehicle Sharing Systems (Tal Raviv, Tel Aviv University)

6. Will Shared Automated Vehicles Resolve the Traffic Problems in the Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area? Golan Ben-Dor

7. Eliminating Congestion with Connected Vehicle Applications. Dov Ganor

8. Legal Aspect - Connected and Automated Vehicle, Gadi Ouzan

9. Deployment of Cooperative ITS Services in Israel, Zeev Shadmi

10. Ashdod Smart Mobility Living Lab, Erez Shmueli

11.The automotive vehicle as an urban project, Architect Oded Kutok


Day 1 Track 2


12. DSRC vs. Cellular V2X – Who Will Prevail? Israel Ronn, Spotam

13. The future of V2X Onn Haran

14. Enabling PCIe Connectivity in the Car, Michael Schachar

15. Optimizing CAN Bus Security with In-place Cryptography, Assaf Harel

16. Building Safe and Flexible AI Accelerator for Autonomous Cars, Itai Yarom

17. The Inevitable Migration from AI to Edge-AI in Automotive Mobility Services, Ofer Tziperman

18. Touch Down on AI and Self-driving Cars, Angela Suen

19. Simulation Platform for the Autonomous Age, Dan Atsmon


Day 2 Track 1


20. Real-World Adversarial Attacks on Traffic Signs, Alexander Kreines

21. A Thought-Provoking Discussion and Comparison of Security for Automotive On-Board Communication Technologies, Moshe Karl

22. Vehicle Safe-Mode Limp-Mode in the Service of Cyber Security, Tsvika Dagan

23. Securing the Connected Car from the Cloud, Yoav Levy

24. Deep Hacking the Automotive Cyberspace, Uri Bear

25. Future Sensors for Autonomous Driving: Robust Detection of Any Obstacle Under Any Weather, Oren Bar-On

26. Advanced Sensor Fusion, Ehud Spiegel

27. Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Smart Transportation: Using Deep Learning Approaches data, Lihi Shiloh

28. Tele-operations and Remote Monitoring for Safe Autonomous Vehicles, Rony Ohayon


Day 2 Track 2


29. Developing Autonomous Vehicles: Digitalization of the Automotive Industry, Deon Blaauw

30. Deep Learning Processing Technologies for Embedded Systems, Hadar Zeitlin

31. Bridging the Human and Machine Communication Gap: Adaptive and Intuitive Interfaces, Claudia V. Goldman

32. The Effects of Intersection Types on Drivers’ Discomfort in Autonomous Vehicles, Guy Cohen

33. Pedestrians' Understanding of Fully Autonomous Vehicles' Intention: a Proposed Framework, Michal Hochman

34. How AI and Deep Learning Enable Next Generation Driver and Cabin Monitoring, Ophir Herbst

35. Registration and Navigation Methods for Connected Cars, Noam Meir

36. An introduction for ISO26262 for Software Developers Daniel Liezrowice

37. Improving Coordination and Collaboration in Smart Transportation Development Projects Using ...Avi Shaked